3 Ways To Get What's Rightfully Yours

by - Saturday, February 17, 2018

We all have goals that are birthed from our desire to have and do more. We make a plan, listing action steps that will ultimately paint the bigger picture of where we hope they will lead us. But there is one thing that is required of us if we plan to get what's ours by divine right and that's called being dedicated.

Sounds easy enough right? But being dedicated is not as easy as it sounds because if you took a few moments to think about goals that you have set for yourself within the last five years. How many of them can you be honest in saying you accomplished them all? We have all put goals off to the side for one reason or another, but the main reason why so many goals fall by the wayside is because of the amount of work it takes and the dedication required to do it.

So how can we dedicate ourselves to our goals to get what's ours by divine right? Following are three easy steps that can help you overcome a lack of dedication and see your goals manifest before your very eyes.

1. Break goals down into small action steps

I had a friend once ask me, how do you eat an elephant. After he took in the look on my face, which told him that I had no idea nor did I want to eat one, he then said to me, one piece at a time.

We must look at our goals not as the big elephants that they are, but as small steps that we take to get there. Goals can overwhelm us and even scare us, but if we break them down it will be easy to see the required steps we need to take. Those small steps help create a roadmap - a blueprint that will offer us clarity on where we are headed.

The big goals that we set for ourselves cannot be accomplished overnight. They deserve to be nurtured and carefully planned so that we won't become frustrated and give up on them.

2. Create a vision board or vision journal specifically for your goals

We all know the power of what a vision board can do and I'm sure we have all created at least one at some point in our lives. Keeping your vision in front of you is a powerful tool to implement because not only are you able to visualize the end result, you keep your inspiration for achieving the goal ignited. The worst thing that can happen to a goal is that you lose your inspiration behind it and once you lose your inspiration, the goal is placed to the side to be long forgotten.

A vision journal is another great tool to have. You can write out your goals, how you plan to accomplish them, and why the goal is important to you and how your life will change as a result of the goal. I would also suggest, cutting out pictures in the same way you would do for a vision board and pasting them on pages in your journal. The great thing about keeping a vision journal is that you can take it everywhere with you, whereas a vision board, not so much.

3. Get someone to hold you accountable

Accountability partners are a blessing if you have goals that require someone to push you and keep you reminded as to why you set the goal in the first place.

Enlisting a friend, family member, or mentor to help keep you on track is the best thing you can do for yourself, but be sure that this person knows the importance of them helping you to stay focused. If they are not taking the job seriously, there is a good chance that you will slowly, but surely lose momentum and this is not what you want to happen. An accountability partner plays an integral part in your life. Make sure it is someone who can handle the job.

So, there you have it - three steps you can take today to get what's yours by divine right. Don't be afraid to take the required steps to accomplish your goals, the responsibility is within your hands.

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