4 Principles For Starting Over After A Loss

by - Saturday, February 17, 2018

Let's face it, we will all experience some form of loss. The loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or the loss of a relationship that you thought would last forever are a few things that can throw us off course and leave us feeling like we've hit rock bottom, but what will determine how fast we bounce back after a loss is our perception, our level of faith, and our commitment to rising above the ashes. No matter how hard of a hit we may take, as long as there is life still in us, we can recover and come back stronger and better than ever. Keep in mind, the only way rock bottom prevails is if we give up.

Starting over after a loss can be scary, unpredictable, and leave you feeling a little anxious about rebuilding your life and it's okay to have and experience these emotions because after all you are human. The worse thing you can do is fight against what you are feeling because when you fight your emotions, you are denying them and as a result, you are not allowing the truth of what you feel run its course. Our emotions are a lot like the common cold or the flu - we have to let it do what it came to do and work its way through before we are healed from it. The same is true for the uncomfortable emotions that we experience.

So, how do you start over after a loss? The following four principles can help you heal, restore, and get back on track to living and enjoying life to the fullest.

1.  Prayer

Without prayer where would we be? I know we've heard that one a million and one times. But really, where would we be? Prayer is our lifeline to God. Because He knows all and is everywhere at all times, who else to stick closer to than the one who has the power to change our lives for the better in an instant?

I cannot stress enough how important it is to not only have an active prayer life, but a relationship with God. If your relationship with God is not where it should be - if He has not yet made it to the top of your priority list, you may want to consider placing Him there. Every blessing imaginable is released from His hands and in order to find the strength and the courage to get through those times of loss, staying plugged into God - who is the source of all things, would be the best thing to do.

When you are in a season of despair, there will be times where you may not feel like praying and there will be times where you won't know what to pray for. But to that, I say dig deep. Go as far down within your soul to find a prayer and even if it's just calling out His name, know that is a prayer all by itself. He will hear it and know by searching your heart, the reason why you called out to Him.

Our needs are never ignored by God. With each passing day, He will supply our every need, even if it's the strength that we need to get out of the bed each morning, He will be there. And you will find, that as each day comes and goes, how much better you feel and how different your perception about life and what you are experiencing changes. You will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to stay plugged into the source of that light, which is God in order to see it.

2. Journaling 

Keeping a journal to record, reflect, and to write down revelations is something that I highly suggest. If you are not already keeping a journal, you should start because journaling is the process of putting everything within yourself - thoughts, feelings, etc., out on paper. And once you see what you're feeling, thinking, and even what God is revealing to you, a shift in your mindset occurs because you now have the pieces of the puzzle laid in front of you. You will then be able to connect the dots and see how your season of loss is the catalyst for a new beginning.

Everything that happens in our lives, will be used by God. No matter what it is, He will use the very things that threaten to keep us down to position us to receive His promises. Journaling can help you to see where God is working in your life and how He is positioning you to reap the harvest.

3. Exercise

Incorporating a consistent exercise routine along with healthy eating can make a tremendous impact on your mood during a season of loss. Because of the endorphins that are released during exercise, you can reduce stress, fight feelings of depression, boost your self-esteem, and improve your sleep.

The whole idea about exercise, is to get yourself moving. To get up and get your blood flowing, clear your mind, and put your focus on something other than your circumstances.

There will be days where the last thing you feel like doing is exercising, but just like praying, you have to dig deep to find the motivation to do it and once you do, in the end you will see that it was worth it. You will feel 100% better!

4. Support

To have someone close to you who you can trust and can depend on to help encourage you, speak life into you, and help you pull yourself together mentally, emotionally, and spiritually can help you recover and bounce back quicker than you think.

It's important to take inventory of those you have in your circle because if they cannot offer you anything other than drama, gossip, and a front row seat to the issues in their life, you need to start the process of eliminating the weak links, because when a season of loss comes, they won't know how to help you through it and as a result distance themselves from you in your time of need and support.

You only need one person who genuinely cares about you to be there for you. Find that person and reach out to them because the support and encouragement of another person is priceless and could be exactly what you need to get back to living life after a loss.

So there you have it! Four principles to help you get back on track after experiencing a loss. Remember, we have the power to let a loss keep us down in the gutter of despair or we can learn the valuable lessons that they come to teach us, dust ourselves off, and get back to enjoying life and all that is has to offer. The choice is yours.

BE Bold. BE Fearless. BE You. BE More.

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