5 Things You Should Do Before The Summer Is Over

by - Sunday, August 12, 2018

Now that we are officially in the last month of summer, hopefully you have taken some time to enjoy it. If not, and you are still trying to find the time to do something fun or don't have an idea of what to do, following are a few suggestions to help you along.

While we have our everyday responsibilities, it is also important to take time for yourself and enjoy all that life has to offer. With each passing day life moves forward and the one thing you do not want is for it to come and go without you taking part in enjoying all that life has to offer. Get adventurous, let your hair down and BE free!

5 Things You Should Do Before the Summer is Over:

1. Visit the aquarium.

The aquarium is such a cool and relaxing place to visit. There is just something about being around water and nature that can calm the soul and bring about a sense of peace. Not only that, being in the midst of sea life and watching God's creations move about is a sight to behold.

2. Go zip lining.

This requires you to be not only a little adventurous, but fearless! Would you agree that stepping outside of your comfort zone and overcoming something that scares you silly is exhilarating?  I think so, and what better way to end the summer than by conquering something you never thought you would do?

3. Watch the sunrise or set.

One of the most beautiful things we will ever see in this life is a sunrise or sunset. It is not only peaceful, but a lovely reminder of how blessed we are to experience life as a whole.

If you have a hard time getting up early enough to catch the sunrise or slowing down long enough to watch the sunset, set a reminder on your smartphone. The five minutes you take out of your day to see God's hand in action will be worth every minute.

4. Visit a vineyard

Vineyards are simply breathtaking and yet another peaceful excursion you can take with family, friends, or alone. When planning your trip, be sure the vineyard is also a resort, so that you may partake in the spa, golf and wine tastings.

5. Host an end of summer brunch

What better way to end the summer on high note than by inviting your family and friends over for an end of summer brunch? You can get creative and have a themed brunch, a catered brunch, or you can simply ask everyone to bring one of their favorite brunch dishes to save you on time and money.

Life is meant to be lived in full bloom by taking in every moment that we are blessed with. Coming together with friends and family in such a way is a great way to kiss the summer goodbye and say hello to fall.

I hope these suggestions help in planning the last of your summer activities. Whatever you decide to do, have fun, be safe, and most importantly enjoy yourself!

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