A Season of Weakened Faith

by - Monday, August 20, 2018

There will be times in our lives when we feel as if we have hit “rock bottom.” Everything will appear to have fallen apart. Thoughts will emerge that will lead us to question ourselves, our purpose, and God. Doubts will take over, causing us to contemplate giving up - thinking that life will be so much easier, if we do so.

When in the midst of a season of difficulty, it is common for our faith to be tested - weighed down by the burdens we face to the point where it is weakened. We no longer feel strong in our faith and our eyes have become blinded by what we see as our reality - not seeing what God can do, but what the enemy has shown us.

We may find it hard to keep going because the faith that we held on to has seemed to have let us down. But I’m here to tell you that it is when your faith is the weakest that God’s presence is the strongest. When your faith is the weakest, God’s comeback plan for you is out of this world. When your faith is the weakest, doors of opportunity are being formed that the human eye cannot see. When your faith is the weakest, God is preparing a table before your enemies. When your faith is the weakest, God is your strength because in your weakness, His power is made perfect.

If you find yourself in a weakened state of faith, this is your opportunity to praise Him with what little faith you have left. Faith the size of a mustard seed is all you need. Don’t allow your weakened faith to bring you to a place of abandoning God, because what He wants the most from you in difficult times is your undivided attention. Your attention shows Him that you still trust Him and that you believe that He has not left you to fight any battle on your own.

So this is your moment to find it within yourself to praise Him for delivering you from the lion’s mouth. I don’t care if you have to drag yourself out of bed each morning and crawl on your knees to get going, you do so. If the only strength you have is to read one scripture, you do so. If you have to lean on a chair to keep standing in faith, you do do. If all you can do is whisper or cry out “thank you, Jesus,” you do do. If you can’t find the words to say but you can lift up your hands, you do so. If all you can do is bow your head in silence with your thoughts focused on Him, you do so. Thank Him - not for what He’s going to do, but for what He has already done because your breakthrough, deliverance, and victory is finished. It’s already done. God does not measure the size of your worship. All He wants is your acknowledgement of Him and if all you can get out of your mouth is “thank you,” He hears it.

Seasons come and go in our lives and they each - good and bad, come to teach us, strengthen us, and restore us. The love of God is real and He will not allow anything to break you or take you out. Hold on to your faith, no matter how weak it may be. It is more than enough to get you through.

Be encouraged.

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