Breaking The Silence Against Depression

by - Friday, September 21, 2018

As women, we carry a great deal upon our shoulders. The many roles we play from wife, mother, CEO, and friend to facing many daily responsibilities can be a roller coaster ride that never seems to end. Our nurturing spirit can lead us to being everything to everyone while ignoring the signs that we're neglecting ourselves and before we know it, we've hit rock bottom, unable to pull ourselves up from the black hole we fell in which looks and feels a lot like depression.

Depression is real. A common mood disorder, it's reported that women are twice as likely to suffer from depression than men. Research also suggests that depression is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors.

Depression can affect anyone of us at any stage in life. No matter what we've accomplished or who we've become, the misconception is that if we have it all - wealth, a blossoming career, and healthy relationships we are immune to experiencing depression. With the passing of designer, Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain to Destiny's Child member, Michelle Williams, sharing she recently sought treatment for depression, having it all is not a repellent to depression. Having it all will not and can not make you happy. Anyone can experience depression, no matter if you have millions in the bank or struggling to rub two pennies together.

If you have experienced a low point in your life where you just wasn’t feeling life and all that it was serving you, but found yourself back to living your best life within a matter of days, consider yourself lucky. Many have experienced a low with depression, but haven’t been able to bounce back from it. Before they knew it, weeks have passed and they found themselves still in a slump, unable to pull themselves up to a place where they are able to function without the help of treatment.

While more people are coming forth to disclose their story of depression, there are still just as many who are finding it difficult to come forth and talk about their battle. They are suffering in silence out of fear of being judged and ashamed of sharing their truth.

When someone with depression chooses to remain silent, the burden of carrying that pain, without releasing it in a healthy way, can be too much for them to bear and as a result, they may see the only way out of their pain is through hurting themselves or suicide. Releasing their pain in this way feels like a much easier option for them than having to let their walls down and talk openly about what they're feeling without the concern of being judged over what they are dealing with internally.

But here is where that changes.

Ms. Be More is on a mission to break the silence against depression. This mission is to help not just women, but everyone who is silenced by depression. The goal is to create an intimate and safe atmosphere for real, raw, and relevant conversations to take place. If we can help save more people from what is keeping them bound mentally and emotionally, just think what an impact that can be. I strongly believe that healing can start when one feels safe and free from judgement and are able to let their walls of security fall down and use those very bricks life tends to throw at us to rebuild their life.

I am excited about this mission and hope that you will join me. Stay close to all Ms. Be More social media accounts for forthcoming details. Let's break the silence of depression together!

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