2 Ways to Unleash Your Wild Side

by - Tuesday, November 06, 2018

You may have asked yourself what exactly does unleashing your wild side mean? Well, I’ll tell ya! Unleashing your wild side is basically allowing who you are at your core to come forth and...LIVE. I call it the wild side because that part of you is uninhibited; not afraid to go after what she wants. This wild side is not about being fearless, but more so about not letting fear or anyone stop you from taking hold of what's yours by divine right. 

When it comes to exploring all that life has to offer, you can’t help but develop a craving for wanting to do more, have more, and give more. If you realize that life is full of endless possibilities, the idea of living a life that’s unfulfilled shouldn’t sit well with you at all. Knowing that there is so much out there for you to lay your hands on should excite you, not only because of the opportunity, but because of the level of growth you will experience just by stepping outside of your comfort zone. That growth, in turn will light a fire inside of you to go for everything anyone has ever said you can't have because of the transformation you are seeing in yourself.

Making the decision that you are going to unleash your wild side puts you in a position to learn more about who you are. Your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes. This wild side is all about self-discovery and using what you’ve learned to enhance who you are. How exciting is it knowing that there are parts of you that you have yet to explore? All you have to do is step out on faith from your comfort zone and do the things that you talked yourself into believing you couldn't do or have.  We are so much more than what’s on the surface and what we already know about ourselves. You just have to be willing to explore the wilderness alone if need be, to find those parts of yourself that you desire to breathe life into.

One requirement in unleashing your wild side is to make yourself a priority. Make your happiness a priority. Make living fully immersed in your purpose a priority. How do you do that? Simple! By being mindful of yourself and what you’re thinking and feeling. We all know that our emotions are tied to what we’re thinking. If you’re not in a good mood, just take a step back and take inventory of the thoughts swirling around in your head. Never have I known a bad thought to produce a good emotion. So if what you’re thinking is not making you feel empowered then you need to take some time to prioritize a few things - putting yourself, happiness, mental health, etc., on your top five must have list. Unleashing your wild side requires you to make yourself a priority. There is no way around it. Not one.

Following are two tried and true steps that can assist you in unleashing your wild side. May they lead you down a beautiful path filled with wonderful surprises and warm encounters with the woman you desire to become.

Steps to take in unleashing your wild side:

1. Own your truth.

It's a must that you own who you are - the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you want to understand who you are, own your truth. You cannot unleash your wild side if you don’t know what makes you tick. If you try to unleash a watered down version of yourself, you will be presenting a version of yourself that's not authentic and what purpose can that serve showing up in the world?

Own every part of who you are and love it. Even the parts of yourself that you are having some difficulty accepting serves a purpose. Every flaw that you think you have has a purpose, but the only way you can find what that purpose is, is if you own your truth. I know it can be difficult to own your truth, but think of it this way -.picture a stained glass window. You know how each piece of broken glass is brought together to create a beautiful masterpiece? Look at yourself in that way. Every part of who you are, what makes you...YOU, creates a masterpiece. You are a masterpiece. Own it! There is no mistake why you are here. There is something that you are supposed to contribute to this world and in order to do that, you have to own who you are and unleash the authentic you.

2. Take the limits off.

Take the limits off! I cannot tell you how many times I allowed fear to stop me from doing something I ached to do. Fear was a limit that I placed on myself. A limit that stifled my growth, creativity, and me walking boldly into my purpose. What I've learned is that I don’t have to be fearless, I just can’t let fear stop me. Feel the fear and do it anyway. By stepping into that realization, I’ve released myself from the stronghold of fear. I’m no longer limited by fear, but empowered by taking action against it. I had to learn how to master fear to the point where fear may pop up and tap me on the shoulder, but it doesn't have the power to distract or hold me hostage. So whatever your limit is...take it off. Honor yourself by cutting loose any limiting beliefs you have tied yourself to. Just think about the life you’re not experiencing because of a limit you’ve placed on yourself. Are you willing to live the rest of your life not knowing what could be? Is that limit worth not living your best life? Of course not!

So there you have it, two steps to unleashing your wild side - Own Your Truth and Take the Limits Off. Two steps that are powerful because they both bring forth growth on many levels. Evolving and becoming more of who you were created to be is a gift to yourself and the universe. Be brave in traveling those parts of yourself that are unknown, allowing who you are - your authentic self to step forth to live an unlimited life.

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